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About Enterprise Digital Transformation

Digitization in today’s emerging digital consumer economy means an extended reach, improved management and speedy development and service. This means that digital technologies have a pervasive influence on all areas of corporation, from affecting the customer experience to enhanced productivity to the collaborations are done with organisations.

Digital transformation is not only about technology and its implementation, but also about looking at business through the lens of technical capabilities and how they can impact business operations and revenues.

The digital transformation is no doubt changing the competitive landscape spreading not just to commerce but education and other government activities such as obtaining a passport or filing and income tax return. A customer-focused digital transformation is a unique journey for every business. Experts list the building blocks of digital Transformation for Enterprises:

  • Integrated Services
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Content Management
  • Omni-channel experience

Customer experience is the most visible aspect of Digital Transformation, companies benefit too from the transforming internal processes through Process Digitization, Work Enablement and Performance Management.

HP and The Economic Times Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) Summit 2016

HP and The Economic Times have always been at the forefront in getting organizations and professionals to gather insight on how to deal with critical business and technology issues. Over the years, it has helped growing companies proactively lead the digital charge and equip them with the latest information about technological advancements as well as critical insights into managing existing networks.

Given this, we are pleased to present HP and The Economic Times Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) Summit 2016. With this summit we aim to help develop and identify new business strategies to make the most of future growth.

The summit will offer a diverse editorial mix of engaging keynotes, panel discussions and an evening of networking.

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